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The Vitalenty Learning Management Solution (VLMS) offers a unique approach to online learning. The VLMS focuses on three types of users.

- Students are private and independent users of the system and can register to take any public course available on the VLMS. When they register for a course, they have the option to search for a coach from our database and work with the coach through the course.
- Coaches are also private and independent users of the system and can support students through a course. Students will select a coach based on their own criteria, and invite the coach to support them.
- Companies can use the VLMS as an internal learning management system and use public courses internally, or upload their own courses for internal use only. As a company, they can assign their own students and coaches to any course, private or public. 

The VLMS platform offers an array of online courses developed by experts around the globe. The platform allows students and coaches to work in a community where students are supported by coaches.

Make Vitalenty your one-stop e-learning platform.

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We never stop developing, our systems grow with our customers


We welcome any ideas from our clients to improve the system


Our prices are the lowest in the market and we are transparent in all our offerings


The VLMS is user-friendly and intuitively designed


The website and system has a responsive design, i.e. it will adapt to your device


We contracted with an international web host that guarantees 99.9% uptime

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We are available 24/7 to support you. Like the system, we are never offline.







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